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>> coming up. from the olympic track to a jail cell. what landed a sprinter and the ability behind bars >> a huge merger takes off. american airlines and u.s. airways prepared to create the world's largest airline clerks are you ready for this it's one of the new ingredients on the new beyonce sandwich "good morning washington at 5:00 begins now. >> >> live and in hd, this is
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"good morning washington," on your side. >> i'm not sure where we were going with that story. it's thursday, february 14. i am cynne simpson. >> i am scott thuman. it's valentine's day. scott and cynne forever, i like to call it. >> that is so sweet. >> it's a great day for friends or more than friends. snow lovers are not as happy today. not much accumulation in d.c. a few spots got around an inch. germantown at about an inch. gaithersburg, just shy of an inch. chantilly had about a quarter of an inch. the road could be a little slippery and elevated areas. otherwise just wet. 35 degrees in d.c. and 34 at dulles 36 in martinsburg and 30
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in manassas. the forecast will bring up your mood. lots of sunshine, temperatures in the upper 40's, almost 50 this afternoon. a big cooldown in the seven-day forecast. we will tell you about that in a minute. it's time for traffic and weather jamee. little scraping going on this morning. >> scrape the windows. extra time needed. there are slick spots here and there. 198 in maryland between new hampshire avenue and 29th, be careful for the slippery roads. in germantown aren't pretty good on 29. reports of a possible crashed on 495 at connecticut. >> a developing story involving
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an olympic sprinter. >> he was arrested in the shooting death of a 30-year-old woman at his home in south africa. these do in court today. police found a 9 millimeter pistol at the scene and took oscar pistorius in custody. several media outlets in south africa are reporting that she was his girlfriend and that he may have mistakenly shot her because he thought he was a burglar. police will not clarify the victim's relationship. he was named to the blade runner. he made history at the london olympics last year when he became the first double amputee runner to compete on a track. and it's another story we are following is the murder of american airlines and u.s. airways. -- the merger. that would make them the biggest airline in the world. brianne carter has what this would mean for all of us. >> this would be cold american
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airlines. travelers in the washington area, it could mean good news. potentially more flights here for passengers. the merger is expected to mean even more flights here at reagan national and in new york. formal announcement is expected today after a brookside approved a deal late yesterday. passengers will have to wait to enjoy the benefits. it will likely be months or even years until all this is complete in terms of both sides for the frequent flier miles. there is concern from passengers back with less airlines and less competition, prices rise? that's a concern from passengers with the new merger. but it would be the biggest airline. the formal announcement expected in a matter of hours. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> police investigating a home invasion in new carrollton maryland which happened after
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10:30 wednesday night in the 5200 block of 86 aba5th avenue. investigators are not saying if they made any arrests. a tragedy struck a quiet neighborhood in alexandria where an elderly man was found dead inside a home. >> this is in the del ray area. john gonzalez has more on what is being called a suspicious death. it would be the first in a couple years for that city. >> that's right. quite a tragedy and quite a mystery. the city of alexandria police are still here in the neighborhood essentially protecting what is now a crime scene inside this home. you can see crime tape surrounding the entire property including a brown minivan parked directly upfront. >> it's a quiet neighborhood almost rural. >> this is not only a suspicious death of something as very uncommon in the area known as
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del ray. to put things in perspective the entire county in alexandria has not seen a homicide since 2011. these types of incidents just don't happen not only in this neighborhood but in our city. >> i am appalled. i hope whatever happens gets sorted out. it's what exactly happened in this don't? police are not sure what to call it. they found a 94-year-old mandela. it is suspicious because he suffered trauma to the upper body. police got a call wednesday evening from a son or stepson of the victim reporting some sort of robbery or break-in. -- they found a 94-year-old man. >> the family did call police. >> there is a security system sign posted in front of the home. police have not said this morning if there's any evidence of a forced entry and into homebuilt. the victim has not been identified yet. reporting live in alexandria
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john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> we are following developing story this morning involving olympic sprinter known as the blade. >> even arrested after a shooting and his home that resulted in the death of a woman. jummy olabanji has confirmation coming into the newsroom. >> we just got this associated press alert. according to her talent agent they have identified the victim in the shooting as model riva steenkamp. on her twitter page she describes herself as a model cover girl, and a law student. reeva is allegedly the victim of the shooting by olympian oscar pistorius. we will have much more on the story as we get the details. back to you. >> thank you.
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all that unfolding out of south africa. 5:07, 34 degrees outside. >> still ahead, encouraging news for those thinking about purchasing a macbo
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>> welcome back. 5:10 on this thursday, valentine's day. only a program that we stay in the spirit of love and giving can sweets. >> including the forecast. adam caskey dealing with sprinkles this morning. >> this is my favorite place to be. we haveare along m street at sprinkles in georgetown. all the bankers working hard, frosting and baking, getting the cupcakes ready for the day. look at these really cool cupcakes. jody, how does valentine's day stackup compared to other days of the year? >> it is our most popular day of the year. we have been preparing for this day. are super excited. we have great boxes.
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>> tell me about them. >> where featuring our xox message box. we have a raspberry chocolate chip cupcake and a solid peter -- salty caramels. >> what is this? >> this is the marry me box for that special occasion. and we have our bling to go along with it. parks, and orders for that one? >> currently 5. we are hoping for five yesses. >> thank you very much. we will have more from sprinkles coming up in the show. let's talk about the weather first. you'll have to scrape your windshield a little.
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widespread 30's. around the freezing mark right now. this afternoon we will warm up well above freezing, high temperature in the 40's later on today. warming up nicely with a good amount of sunshine. friday evening and friday night we could have another lights hit of snow, rain changing over to a snow. this weekend looks a lot colder, so prepare. that's all from sprinkles. we will have more yummy cupcakes coming up. now to jamee with traffic. >> i have a sweet tooth. good morning, everyone. as we get going a good time on 66 virginia. problems. interstate 95 between stanford and the beltway, lanes are open. be careful on elevated portion of the road. you might find slick spots. marilyn 95, earlier crash north near route 1 hundred, that should be on the shoulder. 270 collins open. still watching closely on the beltway near connecticut, for
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reports of an accident on the outer loop. back to you. >> thank you. it's 34 degrees. >> an encounter with kanye west
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>> an interesting story. an airport security guard under investigation after being accused of giving kanye west and his pregnant girlfriend kim kardashian special treatment. >> the celebrity couple had just landed at j.f.k. on a flight from brazil on tuesday when
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there were taken away greeter. the employee is accused of letting the couple bypass the tsa checkpoint to get to another data quicker. the stars were pulled off their connecting flight because of the safety breached sand were screened again. now the agent is being investigated by the tsa over the alleged violation. american airlines says the company is taking responsibility and that there was a lapse in judgment by an employee. singer beyonce is known for having die-hard fans. one went so far as to create a sandwich named after her. >> it even comes with a video. the ingredients are texas toast, since she is from houston along with fried chicken, her favorite food and 3 strips of bacon called the destiny's child bacon, and blue cheese for beyonce's daughter joe ivey, and jelly.
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and there's an onion ring if you want them to put a ring on it. -- baluchis 4 beyonce'slue cheese for beyonce's daughter blue ivy. >> you'll have to scrape your windshield early this morning if your car was outside. let's show you who got this note snow. we had a trace at reagan national. some places got up to an inch. germantown and winchester got an inch. gaithersburg, just shy of that. herndon had less than a half- inch and chantilly had about a quarter inch. much of that has melted already. it was mainly on a grassy
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surfaces. you'll have to watch any elevated roads this morning. it could be a little slippery. 35 degrees is the temperature and the wind chill. so the wind is not bad. 32 in frederick 34 and gaithersburg and dulles and manassas. culpeper, 32 degrees and 32 in winchester. those are the places you have to use more. more this system is forming to the north and east. we had quite a few clouds even an hour ago. now you will see the moon and stars. how about the sun rise? sunrise at 7:00 a.m. this morning, the first time we have made it to 7:00 in a month. we will continue gaining time. by the end of the month, we will have been 36 minutes of daylight. today in total, we will get 10 hours and 42 minutes of daylight. today, plenty of daylight. we get some clouds moving in by
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tomorrow. a weak system will move through by tomorrow night and could bring a little light rain with a mix, with no accumulation. it will be very light. that's your forecast. let's check on the road. >> we have a number slick spots so be careful a special on bridges and overpasses. 395 across the 14th street bridge into town normal. anacostia crossings are open. there was an overnight crash at the 11th street bridge, but that has been cleared. montgomery county police are busy with icy conditions. a crash on southbound 270 at quince orchard. montgomery county getting a lot of calls over slick spots. back to you. >> thank you. a good heads up for people to be extra careful. apple is offering a cheaper version of its macbook.
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>> president obama is spending time on google+ today. diana perez has more. >> apple's new maks book with the reds in the display will be cheaper and faster. it will accept lower profits to build up its brand. president obama will go on google+ this afternoon to discuss his state of the union address, as he did a year ago. if you can watch it on google+ youtube, or apple is developing a smart watch, but there's already one on the market. cruxes it is wearing a that you can look at the screen to see who's calling you, you are listening to, or what the latest text messages. >> i am diana perez.
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>> chuck hagel's nomination to be defense secretary may be running into trouble on the senate floor. arizona senator john mccain says he is reconsidering his promise not to filibuster the nomination. maine senators susan collins says she will not vote to confirm him because of concerns about his views on critical perhaps facing the united states. senate could vote on the nomination later this week. the senate intelligence committee is delaying a vote on john brennan's nomination to be cia director. the committee chair, california senator dianne feinstein, says senators need more from asian about a controversial draw on strike program and last year's deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya that killed four americans. the white house has already given two classified memos to the committee. we have a quick school delayed
5:26 am
to alert you. frederick county, maryland, schools on a two hour delay. it's 5:25, 35 degrees. the news continues at 5:30. >> several families during up for big reunions with thousands of passengers who have been stranded on
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, big changes for millions of travelers. american airlines and u.s. airways agreed to a merger, making it the world's largest airline. good morning, washington. it's thursday, february 14. i'm scott thuman. >> i am cynne simpson.
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back live valentine's day. we will get to meteorologist jacqui jeras. >> you might want to give your valentine and ice scraper this morning. temperatures on the chilly outside. 35 degrees at reagan national right now. a few spots around the freezing mark. 32 in frederick, 32 in hagerstown. 34 degrees at dulles at this hour. we have lots of sunshine expected. mild temperatures not just today but tomorrow as well. bush and 50 today and mid 50's tomorrow. if you want to snuggle up in the cold weather, we have that. blustery and cold for the weekend ahead. if your seven-day forecast in a few minutes. from the belfort furniture weather center, let's check on the roads. if a few slick spots. montgomery county? >> montgomery county is struggling. 270 southbound, accident activity at quince orchard.
5:31 am
stay to the left to get by. this is one of a number of accidents. maryland 97 northbound before exit 32. route 3, only the right lane getting by. around the beltway, around the region approaching connecticut avenue is ok. but there's a crash and just before connecticut. no delays back to colesville road. loudoun county does not have any problems so that's good news. interstate 95, lanes are open to the beltway. back to you. >> thank you. abc it reporting that a new announcement is expected today from the airline industry. american airlines and u.s. airways expected to. >> they would become the biggest airline in the world. brianne carter is at reagan national airport to talk about how this would affect all of us. >> it could be good news for travelers at reagan national airport.
5:32 am
you normally can see exactly which airline you are getting on. u.s. airlines and american are both on their skill. that will be a thing of the past. they will go under the name american. it could mean more flights in the d.c. area and more flights in new york at laguardia. formal announcements expected later this morning after a reported deal of brookside approving it yesterday -- a reported deal, both sides approving it yesterday. it is expected to be several months before the frequent- flier miles from both sides will be honored once the deal has been given the green light. there is concern among passengers that there would be less options and bigger carriers and would they have more to pay to fly the friendly skies? that is something people would like answered when we have the formal announcement expected in
5:33 am
dallas later today. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> thank you so much. we look forward to that announcement. around the nation, the owne nightmare on a carnival cruise ship is about to come to an end. >> it will be towed to mobile alabama, today after being stranded at sea in four days. tahman bradley has details. >> this cruise terminal in mobile is where more than 4000 carnival triumph passengers and crew members will ended their holiday from. the ship is being towed into port and is expected to arrive later today. passengers have been living a nightmare since the triumph lost power in the gulf of mexico on sunday. food is scarce, there's no air conditioning, and sanitation is limited. >> there's no lights, no water we cannot trust the toilet. >> text messages from people on board said the ship is like a santee shantytown, sewage seeping
5:34 am
into the halls and urine. there is a grandmother that this lady's word about. sapfa does have a health condition. i would be afraid that there would be nothing they could do and no emergency units for people to get. our it's a fire erupted in one of the engine rooms. it was extinguished by automatic system but not before burning out the four engines. this is the third time in a month that the carnival triumph has had engine problems. it had to go back to port on its two previous voyages. it's we're very sorry about what has taken place. conditions on board are very challenging >> . the owner has increased the amount it says it will compensate passengers at least $500 extra per person on top of a full refund and a discount on future cruises. >> this will cost carnival
5:35 am
tens of millions of dollars. >> another busy day for president obama. later this morning he's headed to decatur, georgia, where he will talk to students today and tomorrow. he will visit chicago. then he will have to south florida for a weekend getaway with some friends. 5:35, 35 degrees right now. >> we're hearing from the people who say there were held hostage by the former lapd officer wanted prepare. what police are saying
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>> hi, i am mimi. good morning, washington. courts have valentine's day. it's 5:38. off to a chilly start. >> we are. we had to do a little scraping this morning. what will warm you up is -- >> sweets. adam caskey? >> let me know what you want? >> chocolate. >> surprise me adam. >> no problem. i will make my own for you. which is what we are going to do. i have jodi andy and karen with me.
5:39 am
what goes into decorating the cupcakes. it looks so easy in the way you do it at sprinkles on m street. what is the technique? >> it definitely does look very easy, but i will let you know that it's not as easy as it looks. >> brac the microphone for me? thank you. >> we frosted the cupcakes and hand to make sure we have a good frosting to cake ratio. let's do this together. we have raspberry frosting. this cupcake is raspberry chocolate chip, perfect for valentine's day. it is seasonal. >> that's a lot. >> then you take the flat edge and pushes down. you are doing a great joppa. >> mine has a mohawk.
5:40 am
>> and smooth it around. >> cynne may want me to buy her one instead. >> we have professionals you're working very hard for valentine's day. my gosh. >> this is what we do. >> that is the cupcakes and which. >> this is a lot harder than it looks. it turned out beautifully. >> perfect. >> there is a hard. there we go. >> happy valentine's day. >> that's a cupcakes and which. i love it. this is for scott. >> you are a good sport. >> they are kind of fragile. when you twist the frosting, you have all this action going on.
5:41 am
>> it is a lot easier than it looks. >> thanks for showing us that. and thanks for holding the microphone. we are in the 30's this morning. i woke up the neighborhood when scraping my windshield. sorry. sunshine and 40's this afternoon. it will warm up nicely with sunshine. friday evening, some rain changing over to a little snow would possibly minor accumulations mainly northwest of washington, like the clippers in january. live from sprinkles, back to you inside. >> that looks amazing. >> the new culinary invention. i'm excited. >> fantastic. let's check in with jamee. we have to get you a cupcake. >> thank you. we're struggling a little on the roads in montgomery county
5:42 am
especially. a number of accidents with slick pavement. be careful especially on bridges, ramps, overpasses. coming out of wheaton we are ok. but there's a slow line coming from the left to the right, the beltway jammed with a crash after georgia avenue. 270 has accidents activity, southbound leaving germantown, my goodness. the right lane is still blocked. very slow. factor in a little extra time for the wet pavement. back to you. >> thank you. 5:42, 35 degrees right now. >> we're used to seeing celebrities attending nba games but not working them. will ferrell's special assignment.
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>> does your child snore loudly?
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medical alert for parents with small children. snoring can be a symptom of a serious health problem. we talked to a pediatric sleep experts about what all parents need to know. join us at 5:00. >> it's 5:46. back to the breaking news on bill lee pixar oscar pistorius -- on the olympic star oscar pistorius. crackdown to jummy olabanji. >> police in south africa gave preliminary information to reporters on the scene. they do confirm that oscar pistorius was arrested and is being charged with murder. he will be in court later today. they also confirmed there have been other incidents that they have recently been called out to his home for, including allegations that were domestic in nature. according to the victim's talents agent she's 29-year-old reeva steenkamp.
5:47 am
the two had been dating for several months. police are not looking for any other suspects and that the currency units are still on the scene gathering more summation. they described tahoma as being a secure home in a secure area, one that you would have to identify yourself before going through the gate. -- they described this home ans -- as being secure. we do know that the olympic committee puts out a statement saying they are waiting for more information, like the rest of the public, but their hearts and spots are with the family of the victim. as soon as we get new details in the newsroom, we will update you. back to you. >> thank you. never too early in this town to
5:48 am
talk football. the redskins getting ready to break ground on their new training center in richmond. >> governor bob mcdonnell and the mayor of richmond joining team officials for today's event. the $9 million facility is part of a development deal approved late last year. the new training camp expected to be completed in july. >> here comes washington. wall. a beautiful place. >> the problem is the wizards at play in detroit. whit-- played in detroit pretty tight and the ndp could not keep. the final score, 96-85, wizard's losing. after a terrible start to the season the wizard's going to the all-star break at 15 and 36 ahead of orlando and charlotte in the east. >> your tim brant with news from nationals town. >> the nationals on the field today for their first official practice with pitchers and
5:49 am
catchers and everybody's excited. nationals had the best record in all of baseball last year. rafael soriano and dan harris getting a leadoff time. we sat down with the general manager. >> andhave we need to take care of our business. we don't need to worry about what the pundits are saying. we need to prepare and take care of our business. if we do that, we will have the chance of playing meaningful games in september and october. >> at 5:00 and 6:00 this evening, we will have live reports from britt mchenry. have a great day. >> actor will ferrell tried a new profession, security guard. he made an appearance at tuesday's lakers game at the staples center. he went under a fake name that
5:50 am
we cannot repeat on this newscast. gentile neshaq with him there. >> coming up, the old final jeopardy answer from a teenager that has everyone buzzing. >> valentine's day is tough for singles, but we have expert advice on finding your mr. wright or ms. right. >> and popular d.c. burger joint may have closed for good. that's at 6:00. a couple came face-to-face with former lapd officer christopher dorner and before he was killed. he allegedly murdered four people before the cabin that he barricaded himself in caught fire. the owners of the cabin say they found him inside. people pillowcases over their heads and fled in their knees
5:51 am
nissan. >> he talked to us, trying to calm us down, and saying frequently that he would not kill us. >> the two were able to call 911. san bernardino a sharesheriff says that his deputies did not intentionally set the cabin on fire but that they shot pyrotechnic tear-gas inside and that cocaught fire. >> president obama has declared a federal disaster in mississippi after a tornado left a path of destruction last weekend. the twister tore through the campus of the university of southern mississippi and destroyed or damaged hundreds of homes. more than 50 people were injured. correct pretty incredible video. we are dealing with some frost. >> yes, frosty,.
5:52 am
some may have snow on a grassy areas. slick streets in montgomery county where they had an inch of snow last night. kind of spotty. yesterday evening there was an inch in germantown, an inch in winchester. a desperate, just shy of an inch. a half-inch in herndon and about a half-inch at dulles and a trace at reagan national airport. 35 degrees right now at reagan national. a few spots around the freezing mark. a meeting that is elevated will be the big concern. 34 and gaithersburg, 32 in frederick and hagerstown, 30 in manassas and culpeper. a little fog has been developing south and east of the metro area. half mile visibility in fredericksburg. use caution. 6 miles visibility in d.c. the area of low pressure that brought the wintry mix has pulled off shore.
5:53 am
we are watching a clicker across the upper midwest that will be headed our way for tomorrow evening. a beautiful day today, a great day for valentines. lots of sunshine, temperatures pushing 50 degrees. tomorrow the clouds will move in. light rain or even snow mixing in a specially to the north will be possible in the evening and late night but it will be very light. mostly sunny expected today, 47 to 52. low temperature between 31 and 37 tonight, partly cloudy. 54 and partly sunny on friday. the big trend this weekend cooler. 37 degrees on sunday would very breezy conditions this weekend. happy valentine's day, jamee. >> happy valentine's. slick pavement in maryland. allow plenty of time. ]270 is jammed pushing south into a germantown. delays at father hurley boulevard. a crash is in the clearing stages near montgomery village
5:54 am
avenue, south of 118. dusty stuff 270 on 28, accident activity. the beltway, to clear a crash in maryland. back to you. >> thank you. it seems more retailers are targetingthat has me scratching my head. no more need to look at your 401k statement with one eye closed. linda bell joins us from bloomberg headquarters in nornew york to explain. >> good to see you. if you have a 41 k, the average balance for the retirement savings plan reached a record high in 2012. -- 401 k. the average balance rose 12% in the u.s. from the year earlier. balances have rebounded in three of the past four years. if you are shopping for lingerie is valentine's day, you may notice more pieces aimed at
5:55 am
teenagers. victoria's secrets to the idea mainstream in 2004 when it introduced its pink line for now other retailers are jumping on the bandwagon. some are selling tied died underwear for children as young as 12 or so. teen-agers are imitating lingerie's styles worn by a celebrity is seen on the web as well as social media. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. it's 39 degrees outside. >> a new study on cell phone sales. we are seeing
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
>> new developments this morning at the home of an olympic athlete. police have filed murder charges. also the airline merger and what it means for people fly out of local airports. it means taking a look outside. a wintry mix of weather. it is clear and we will have more coming up in just a moment. >> in the meantime, seven is on
5:59 am
your side with an issue that has the women of congress scene red. they will address in red as a part of the go read -- red for women campaign. >> do miss america pageant will return to the atlantic city. it was moved to los angeles -- las vegas in 2006. pageant officials have not said if the move will be permanent. >> on this thursday, valentine's day, we have another hour of news for you that starts right now. >> some new developments in the shooting death at the home of

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